I have exciting news about a book signing/launch and how to buy a Trampface paperback direct from me. Please read below for details if you are interested.

I would feel embarrassed just having a book launch/signing for my humble self as the book has been a hobby not a profession. So I am going to co-ordinate it with a charity event. On 21st April I will park up my campervan in Swansea town (open to suggestions on places) and lay out some tables. Books will be available to buy and if you have one already please bring it along to be signed. We hope to have the one and only Tramp 2 Paul O’Dwyer in attendance. There will be free tea, coffee and biscuits. I will be running a ‘soup kitchen’ for the homeless and I will be available for anybody to drop off any packaged/tinned food that I will arrange to drop at a local food bank later (Suggestions please). I will also have some army rations to try if you have the stomach for it!!!! Kids welcome.

If you would like to come and buy a copy on the day could you please let me know with a “Book” post below, this is in order for me to have an idea of how many copies to purchase and bring. If you’d like to pre-purchase before the day then see below email details.

If you can’t make the event then you can get a copy from me direct if you don’t do the online amazon thing. To do this simply email me at with the following information:
Delivery method (address to post to or in person)
Payment method (cash, bank transfer, paypal)
Signed to who (if you want)

Lots of Love
Tramp 1